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First Congregational Church is known for seeking ways in which we can serve other people.

On Saturday April 14 from 2-4pm, Les Cory is leading a work detail to the home of 90 year-old World War II P-38 Ace Arthur Lasker. Arthur will also be the honored guest and speaker for the Men’s Luncheon at noon on April 21 in the hall. Some work gloves and a rake should be sufficient for the day. Send Les a note and he will give you directions to the Lasker home. Les’ email address is:

Les writes:

John Tolley and I visited this afternoon (Thursday)  with Arthur and Marilyn Lasker to determine what yard work we might undertake to help them prepare for spring. Captain Lasker is the 90 year old World War II  P-38  pilot who will be
addressing the men’s group on April 21 at noon.

We found a  few fallen trees that need to be cut up and there is some brush that needs to be gathered and piled at the back of their property.  If you show up with  a pair of gloves, some willing hands and perhaps a lawn rake you will be properly

The original plan was to have a work party on April 21st after Arthur’s talk but for a variety of reasons we would like to start (and possibly finish) the job this Saturday.

So, we are looking for a few good people to spend a couple of hours doing some light yard work this Saturday from 2 to 4 PM.
If you are available, please send me a note and I will send you directions to their home.

I only have a few email addresses so please forward this to anyone you think mightbe interested in helping out. Should be fun.  Tell your friends.

At our Sunday service on April 15 we will be blessing the work of the folks going to Washington D.C. There we will be working in soup kitchens, seeking out the “lost and lonely one” and sharing conversation and food, and helping with our hands to beautify DC parks in under-served neighborhoods. This group of 38 people is excited to represent FCC and serve together in community.

The Church Is Leaving the Building! No walls can hold us or hold us back!





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