What Now?

Published on Apr 9th, 2012 by pastordan | 0

What Now?

Christ is Risen! This we proclaimed well at FCC in this last week. I am basking in the spiritual messages of all the services. Palm Sunday was a magnificent moment with Othniel’s Cantata. Maundy Thursday takes us into the depths of despair. Then, our Easter Vigil connects us to the ancient Church. Our Sunrise Service connects us to nature and the springtime metaphor for resurrection. The main service on Easter Sunday is full of celebration and joy.

Gabe asked me on Easter why every Sunday can’t be Easter. A very good, very hard question.

So…….what now?

Like the disciples we will trundle back to what we know. Things get back to normal. I’ll probably go into church today and survey the “party” and clean up a bit. I will take in the remaining scent of the Easter Flowers. (What a wonderful flower ministry we have here!) A new, yet seasonally recognizable rhythm will infuse parish life.  The sanctuary won’t be as full. (It is always fun to see folks in the balconies) Most of the people we see we will know, instead of the seasonal visitor who just sat in “our” pew on Easter Sunday.  (But we don’t judge them for that, right?) We need time to let this rhythm seep in.

But there is more to come. Next week almost 40 of us will make a pilgrimage to Washington D.C. There we will be out of our comfort zones and immersed in the life of service. Jesus calls us to this life of service, just as he called his first disciples.

So, to answer Gabe’s very good, very hard question – we all need time to wind down, transition, and then answer to Easter Sunday and its call to be a living, active body – the Body of Christ. Every Sunday can’t be Easter because we have to ramp up for it, let it explode into our hearts and minds. Easter is special, it is trenchant, it is the foundation of our faith. We celebrate it with vigor, and then live it out with intention.

Thanks to everyone at FCC for the way you made this Easter come alive. You are a very special and lively community of faith!

Christ is Risen, Christ is Risen indeed!

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