A Map for the Cap and a Special Thank You

Published on May 22nd, 2012 by pastordan | 0

Cartoonist, and FCC member, Steve Brosnihan has made a donation of 50 of his “Rhode Island…can be puzzling” State Maps to the Capital Campaign. The signed and numbered maps are available for a minimum $10 donation to the campaign (more generous donations are encouraged).

The “Rhode Island…can be puzzling” State Map is a 20 x 30-inch color poster that shows the state labeled with 60 rebus, or puzzle, drawings. The map is a creative way to teach and reinforce Rhode Island geography while generating some laughs in the process.

Maps will be available in the DeWolf room after Sunday service over the next few weeks. Please consider getting in on this special gift for a modest donation to the Capital Campaign.


What a great day on Sunday! It was a real celebration of the CE Program here at FCC. Mark D. took a lot of photos, some of which are posted on our facebook page. Thanks, Mark!

The Randalls had family visiting us and they said they felt so blessed to be at this service. How could you not feel blessed? Here, in our midst is the future Church, being nourished and loved so that one day they can build on our work, or the work of another community of faith. Helen and her team give us so much.

Thank you, for giving to the Lord!


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