Anita’s Secret Ingredient

Published on May 1st, 2012 by pastordan | 0

I am always amazed at the way Anita can turn a basic recipe into something wonderful! Tonight she is making sausage and meatballs for our potluck. I can tell you it is something special. She makes it better and takes things to a new level. What is her secret ingredient? I know, but I won’t tell. Thanks, Anita!

We have all lifted our church to new levels. We have made it better. Over the last year we have seen what we can do together! Our sanctuary has also been “lifted” in many ways!

Tonight we move on to the exciting effort for Phase II of our Preserve Our Heritage, Prepare for the Future Capital Campaign. What a wonderful time to share a meal, meet with friends, and be part of something larger than all of us -living into history together!

Most of us would be there just for the potluck meal alone! We have great cooks!

But, all of you will be there because you want to help in building our church in many ways – spiritual, relational, physical, – call it what you want – it is God’s work. We will make it better – take it to a new level – for us and for those who are to join us – now and in the decades ahead.

Our secret ingredient is not so secret – we share it together – tonight – the secret is out!

Thank you,

Pastor Dan

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