Capital Campaign Phase II – May 29

Published on May 2nd, 2012 by alison | 0

Members of the congregation have been invited to join a special committee for Phase II. The descriptions are below. On May 1 and May 29 there is a special church meeting for these committees. Everyone please bring a potluck dish to share. Please join us as we move into Phase II and hear about the exciting possibilities in front of us. We have restored our church foundation and outside envelope, now we move on to the more “visible” improvements!

Please plan to come and be part of a lasting legacy of faith and commitment.

Click here to see the full committee list including members.

Committee 1: Promotion

Parish Development/Capital Campaign:  This committee produces the brochure on what the campaign is raising funds for.  It may also list the various ministries of the church, and may include a history.  The committee also produces a bulletin board display (or equivalent) describing the projects.  Newsletter and Sunday leaflet’s articles are also in their responsibilities.

Committee 2: The Special Dinner Event

Parish Development/Capital Campaign:  This committee plans the All Parish Dinner Special Event. They pick the location, negotiate the deal, pick the menu. They are also responsible for the decoration


Committee 3: The Host / Hostess Group

Parish Development/Capital Campaign:  This committee sends out the invitation to the All Parish Dinner Special Event.  Then they call all the members of the congregation to see who is coming.  In their calls they try to assist those who need assistance in attending the event.  Any pastoral issues that are discovered are forwarded to the appropriate persons.  On the night of the event they are the greeters and make name tags.



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