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Moses followed God’s orders. He took Joshua and stood him before Eleazar the priest in front of the entire community. He laid his hands on him and  blessed (ordained) him, following the procedures God had given Moses. -Numbers 27:22-23

Blessing. It is such a beautiful word. I never use it casually, but I do use it often. It makes me feel peaceful to hear it, say it  receive it and convey it.

I will celebrate the 25th anniversary of my ordination on July 12th. It is a particularly nostalgic time for me and I have decided to speak about the experience of my ordination in worship on Sunday, July 29. I’ll continue working through the parables of Jesus in the meantime.

Today is July 3rd and Bristol is full of the energy around the celebration our church founded in 1785. There is a blessing, here, too! I am so proud to be a part of this living history. I hope it does not rain on our parade tomorrow! I can’t help out with that because, as I say, “I am in sales, not management.”

Enjoy the blessing of this good day, and HAPPY FOURTH!


Pastor Dan





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