April 2014 NYC Service Trip

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New info from Pastor Dan as of 3/3/2014: 
Hello everyone,
It is March and we are just 7 weeks away from our NYC trip.
Thanks for getting in your deposits for the NYC trip! If you have not yet turned in your deposit, please do so now. The deposit is $100.00. The full cost of the trip for adult, non-staff is $700.00. The remaining 600.00 is also due by March 15. If youth wish to attend who are not helping with the fundraisers, it is appropriate to send in a fair amount to subsidize the cost of the week. I have $ deadlines to meet with the hotel, Amtrak and with our program hosts in NYC. These come due on March 20. The Brooklyn Sheraton has been wonderful in supporting our trip and giving us rooms at a greatly reduced cost.
Some questions answered for folks who have asked:
1) Meals. The Sheraton provides breakfast each day as part of the package. This usually bacon/eggs/sausage/bagels/cereal/oatmeal and beverages. It is a good breakfast. They also provide a late afternoon/early evening light supper, which is different every night. Every lunch is taken at the place where we are servingOne evening meal we will all share at a local soup kitchen. So – that makes 4 evening meals out if you do not wish to have the Sheraton light supper, along with lunch out on Friday.  Again, it is “light” – but if you are not picky, you can certainly subsist! However, nearby is a Shake Shack (Pastor Dan’s favorite) and a 5 guys. We can also order pizza to be delivered, there are some good pizza joints nearby. There is a good “chicken wing” place across the street. Since everyone has different tastes, if you choose to go “out” for dinner, that will be the responsibility of the person/family for payment. Please arrange for this. 
2) Train – we leave at 3:39 on Easter Sunday (plan to arrange for your own transportation/parking) and be at the Providence station no later than 3:00pm. We return from NYC at 2:00 pm Friday. It is about a 3 hour trip. There is a snack car on the train. Bring $ for that. You may also (secretly) bring your own stash of snacks/sandwiches, but don’t make it obvious, please, since this is frowned upon. If you bring your own food, at least plan to get something from the train’s snack car. It is fun!
3) There is an indoor pool in the facility. Bring swimwear if you wish. There is also a good little gym.
4) SchedulePrepare to work hard. Monday-Thursday (except for Friday) will have us out the door before 8am and returning to the Sheraton at 5pm. This time includes subway time each way and a special session each day to discuss what we experienced. We will not be touring NYC during the day.
5) Nights – nights are free. An adult must be with any group that goes “out.” Most of us will be tired and will want to stick around the hotel/neighborhood. If you wish to go into Manhattan (for example to see a Broadway show or museum) I recommend Thursday night since we can sleep in on Friday.  There are some interesting things nearby – the NYC Subway Museum is wonderful and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are delightful. That time of year it won’t be getting dark until about 8pm.
6) Luggage  Limit of two bags – Size: 28″tall X 22″wideX 14″deep. Weight: 50lbs each. You may also bring a backpack/purse, etc. I encourage you to bring one, good, small, rolling bag instead of two. Remember, you have to lug this onto trains, subways and all over NYC. This is not the time to worry about fashion. Everyone must wear a program T-shirt when we serve during the day.
And…please remember this very important meeting: On March 30th after the worship service we are holding an informational meeting about the trip. This is for everyone – parents must attend. I’ll be answering your questions and giving you important info about the trip. If you have questions before then, please put them in an email to me with the subject line: NYC TRIP QUESTION from (fill in your name).
I look forward to seeing you and serving with you!!


New info from Pastor Dan as of 2/10/2014: 

Hello everyone,
We are excited as we look forward to our 2nd FCC service trip! NYC will never be the same!!
Thanks for getting in your deposits for the NYC trip! If you have not yet turned in your deposit, please do so by March 1. The deposit is $100.00. The full cost of the trip for adult, non-staff is $700.00. The remaining $600.00 is also due by March 15 and I can extend the balance to be paid to April 1, but I would prefer if you can pay the balance by March 15th, please. We have $ deadlines to meet as a group with the train, program fees, etc.
Very important: On March 30th after the worship service I am holding an informational meeting about the trip. This is for everyone – if youth cannot attend, I’ll expect one parent to be there. I’ll be answering your questions and giving you important info about the trip. If you have questions before then, please put them in an email to me with the subject line: NYC TRIP QUESTION from (fill in your name). :)
Please save the date of MARCH 30th after worship for the trip meeting! I look forward to seeing you and serving with you!!


April 20-25 – NEW YORK, NEW YORK MISSION TRIP!  UPDATED INFO!! December 2013

NOTE: We still have 6 spots available for this trip, so now is the time to reserve your space.

Dear NYC trip group,

Now that you have expressed interest and/or commitment regarding the trip, we need to move into the next phase and ask for a deposit to reserve your space. This deposit is refundable until March 1, 2014. THE TOTAL FOR THE TRIP IS 700.00 PER PERSON, INCLUDING THE $100.00 DEPOSIT.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is $100.00 per person. Checks should be made payable to First Congregational Church with “ NYC trip” in the memo line, please.

Who does NOT need to turn in a deposit?

1) Any youth, confirmand or senior high youth planning to go. You are covered since we assume you will participate in the fundraisers. This is for any youth age 12 and up.

2) Staff (Helen, Othniel, and myself) and teachers of the confirmation class or senior high youth (Cheryl and Justin only). Spouses of staff do have to pay the deposit and full rate.

Who DOES need to turn in a deposit?

Everyone else. This includes parents of any of our youth and those who are part of the general congregation. WHEN YOU TURN IN YOUR DEPOSIT, THE REMAINING BALANCE FOR THE TRIP IS $600.00. THIS INCLUDES TRANSPORTATION, LODGING, PROGRAM FEES AND SOME MEALS.

When is the deposit due?

Each deposit is due by January 1, 2014. If you need more time, please let me know asap.

Our Church Treasurer and Barbara will be accounting for all funds along the way. The balance of $600. 00 per person will not be due until March 1, 2014. YOU MAY PAY YOUR BALANCE ANY TIME BEFORE THAT DATE.

Thanks for expressing your interest in the trip. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions or concerns. Our earlier communication is  below.

Every blessing,

Pastor Dan


Greetings everyone!

I can’t believe it is two years since many of us were planning for the Washington D.C. Service Learning Trip. For 2014 we are going to New York City and I want to encourage you at this time to be thinking about joining us once again! Initial deposits of $100.00 per adult will be due on November 1st, so for your planning purposes I want to give you some initial information.


WHEN: April 20-25. We will leave late on Easter Sunday the 20th and all travel by train together to NYC. (What a great way to celebrate Easter!) We plan to stay an extra day and return home on Friday the 25th. We could also stay until the 26th, if the group so desires. The program runs from Monday – Thursday.


WHERE: We will be working with the Quaker Community, called YSOP (see attached info on the bottom of this email). They are located in Manhattan and run a very fine, high quality program. It is definitely more organized that the D.C. folk that hosted us!


LODGING: Unlike D.C. – we won’t be in dorms. We will stay in the Brooklyn Sheraton. This is a relatively new hotel conveniently located near all subway lines. Pastor Dan has a good business relationship with their manager and they are giving us a great group rate. Room are for 4 people, although doubles are sometimes available. We will also have complete access the the Private Club Room, which has many tables, chairs, sofas, and great food in the evening and breakfast in the morning. It has a lot of room to play board games and a big screen TV. Wi-fi is available in this room. The Sheraton is only a few blocks from a Shake Shack, 5 guys, and numerous pizza places.


DAILY: During the program we will work from about 8-3 each day and then return to YSOP offices to reflect and discuss on what we did. This is exciting. In the evenings there will be time to check out the city.


COST: For youth who participate in the fundraisers and staff, there is no cost. Adults will be somewhere under $700 per person and maybe closer to $600 once we get all the figures in. This includes lodging, program fee, and transportation. It also includes most food since we can use the Sheraton for breakfast and supper if we wish.


FUNDRAISING: It is our hope each youth will raise about $500 for the trip. We have several fundraisers planned (no flamingos this year unless someone else want to run it!) We will have a “Sponsor a Day” fundraiser where folks in the parish can pay for one day and its related costs. We will have a Prayer Fundraiser, where for $1 you can write a prayer on a special piece of paper and our youth will pray the prayer and fold the paper into the shape of a Crane. These will be displayed around the church. We will also likely have a supper, SuperBowl Sub Sunday and Spud Sunday. If you have any ideas, please share them with us!


WHO MAY GO: The youth group and confirmation class get top priority for this trip. We do encourage parents to come along, it is a great bonding experience. After that we will bring aboard others who are interested. We will try to be as flexible as possible.We can bring as many as 40 people, but they prefer to have around 30, so please, if you are interested, fill out one of the info sheets in church or reply to this email. Showing interest does not mean you must go. But, on November 1st we will need as firm as a commitment as you can give so we can begin the train reservation process. Only adults will have to pay the 100.00 deposit at that time. You must be 12 years old or older to participate.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. This is going to be a wonderful trip!


Every blessing,

Click here for more info about YSOP!

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