Bible Study May 2013, Origins of the Lord’s Supper

Published on May 15th, 2013 by alison | 0

Luke 22: 14-30 Origins of the Lord’s Supper

Opening Prayer:

Loving Creator, help me, as I study this passage, to see the love of Christ in the way he lived and taught. May it inspire me and lead me. Amen.

Study questions:

How many cups does Jesus mention? 1 or 2? How are they different?

Who was sitting at the table with Jesus (unnamed in Luke) who would betray Jesus? What do you notice about this?

When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, what is the most meaningful part to you?

How do you prepare yourself (spiritually) for the Lord’s Supper?

“Giving thanks” is very important in this passage. It comes from the Greek, Eucharisto– to give thanks. We call this the Eucharist today. How do you give thanks during the Eucharist?

What is the key verse and theme for this passage? Pastor Dan suggest Luke 22:26

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