Clam Boil & Steak Fry

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Annual Clam Boil & Steak Fry


Okie Falcoa just asked me for 30 tickets to OUR clam boil for him to sell, and he is not even a member of this church nor even our denomination and only accepts a nominal donation for all his and 2 of his co-workers’ time.

Last year, he sold 20 tickets for us.  He buys all the food from clams to steaks and I only have to pay for the food AFTER the boil is over. He not only cooks most of the day but he comes the previous day in the afternoon and evening with his helpers to wash the clams and prepare the food for the next day. He is a very generous man,  has an outstanding reputation,  and we are lucky to have him. 

The tickets for the clam boil/steak fry are now available and can be picked up after church in the DeWolf Room or ordered now and (paid up to 2 weeks before the event) so please see me, Sue Moreira, after church.  Jack Ringland will have tickets also at that time, or you can call the church office, (401-253-7288 )and Barbara will take your order or money.  

Last year we had fabulous raffle prizes and made approximately $750.00, but we could have made much more if more people had attended.  The first year we had about 125 people and made $900.on the raffle  last year we only had about 85 and made the $750.

The total profit the 1st year from the boil/fry was approximately $2700– last year it was around $1700. With the expenses of today and the Capital Fund Drive we need more money to support our church expenses.  

If you would like to take tickets to sell, that would be great.  Just see me in the DeWolf Room after church  or before church roaming around.  There is also a sign-up sheet in the DeWolf Room 

If you know of any reason more people are not supporting this event, or if you have suggestions to make this a fun and desirable event– one to look forward to, PLEASE see me, I am open to all suggestions. This is not only a money-making event, but it gives us a chance to interact with family and friends as well as making new friends.   Sooo, bring your mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and enemies (even enemies have to eat!)    

We open the doors at 3PM on the day of the boil, so you can socialize, buy raffle tickets, choose your seat(s), and have a little “libation”.  Due to an unfortunate situation one year, for which I was responsible, some of the steaks were overdone. Now we serve PROMPTLY AT 4:PM.  If this is the reason you are not coming, please see me.

Soooooo see me before or after  church, call me, or e-mail me–I am available. (as Frasier would say, “I’m listening”.)

Sue Moreira email:   401-253-0444

Jack Ringland, 401-323-0362’

Barbara in the Church office, 401-253-7288 from 9AM-3PM Tues – Friday. 

Clam Boil_2013_2







We will have the same menu as last year:

□      ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-CLAMS! (until they run out and we haven’t run out yet), melted butter, stuffing, white and sweet potatoes, fish, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, and more.

□      The STEAK (ribeye) DINNER will include stuffing, tossed salad, baked potato, and a vegetable.

□      We will have take-out orders available.

□      If “Ruth and her crew” are up to baking again this year, we will have dessert.

□      We will serve our usual beverages.

Our raffle will be from various in-town and out-of town donations as well as many items from our church friends and their family and friends. Last year we had a variety of donations, from gift certificates, to paintings and photographs by gifted artists in Warren and Bristol. One year we even gave away a “weekend away”, as well as a $100.00 gift certificate for “Toys Are Us”, so please look around.

VIP: I am asking that all those who so graciously helped last year, to please help again this year as many hands make the load light. We can ALWAYS use more help if you are willing and able to do so, so please let me know. This is a great chance to socialize with your church friends and meet other friends as well.

Oops! The set-up time will be at 6:00 PM SATURDAY EVENING AND NOT FRIDAY EVENING as previously mentioned. I will keep everyone updated as time goes on.

Please see me in church or send me an e-mail at or call me at 401 253 0444 if you can help or if you have any suggestions that will improve our Clam Boil and Steak Fry Event participation. All suggestions will be given serious consideration.

Sue Moreira

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