Great Job Being the Church (That Left the Building)

Published on Oct 28th, 2013 by pastordan | 0

Thanks to all of you who participated yesterday in our 2nd annual The Church Has Left the Building Sunday! We had a GREAT turn-out for this beautiful day.

Together we dispersed to the Herreshoff Museum, Hope Street (Window Washers!) the Veteran’s Home, the East Bay Bike Path, area nursing homes, local laundry-mats and the Coggeshall Farm. We cleaned, gardened, chatted, picked up yucky stuff, and battled the dreaded multi-thorn pucker-brush, people-eating vines. We coaxed seeds for planting, played with kittens, moved signs, stacked wood, made windows sparkle, surprised people with quarters and enjoyed every minute of it. Our orange vests went all through town and led by example of how to be “outside the walls.”

We do this all in the name of Christ, who has taught us to serve, and serve you did. I am very proud of everyone and thank you for your dedication!

And……..Tommy the Church Mouse was seen on High Street picking up pieces of litter (for his Winter nest).

Can’t wait for the 3rd venture next Fall!!

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