Kids Gazette – September 29, 2013

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Toddler Class, Miss Brittney

“Learning about Creation today, and will be learning about church through play.”


PreK & K, Mrs. Andrade & Mrs. Gamon

“We are going to learn how to help each other and have a good time doing it.”




1st & 2nd grades, Mrs. Drawbridge

“To learn about caring and respect.”




3rd & 4th grades, Mrs. Tyler & Mrs. Fisher

“This year we are going to learn more about Jesus and his loving ways.”




5th & 6th grades, Mrs. Larsen

“We want to learn more about the church, including going up into the tower.”

“We want to do community projects around Bristol and collect money for our sponsored children.”



7th & 8th grades, Mrs. DaSilva

“We are going to be writing a blog this year to bring together all the classes, share the weekly scripture with the church and highlight what the classes are doing to learn about it.”


2013_09_29_6 2013_09_29_7

Senior Youth Group, Justin Riccio

“We are making Paper Cranes for Prayers.  Anyone can buy a Crane, telling us what they want us to pray for and while we make the cranes, we will say the prayer, and then the cranes will be hung around the church for all to enjoy.”

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