Kids Gazette – November 17, 2013

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WEEK OF 11-17-13

This week’s scripture is Isaiah 65:17-25. It focuses on hope and the regeneration of peace. It talks about good times coming after bad times. Even back then if you believed in God and worshiped Him then you should not be discouraged and have faith.

Today the 1st and 2nd grade focused on the message of living Gods dream.  To show how to live Gods dream they wrote loving suggestions such as “give a hug and be nice to others” and say “I love you.”

2013_11_17_1 2013_11_17_2 2013_11_17_3

Also the toddlers talked about things like the first and second graders, to live God’s dream.  The toddlers decorated baskets which they would put cards with nice words like the first and second graders did

2013_11_17_4 2013_11_17_5



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