Summer Cartooning for Kids

Published on May 24th, 2016 by alison | 0

First Congregational Church will be starting their summer Christian education church school program on Sunday, June 5th. The program is open to both church members children and the general public children.

This summer our program will be led by Steve Brosnihan, a local cartoonist and member of FCC and assisted by Christian educators.

Steve BrosnihanSteve is well known for teaching cartooning using letters to form characters. His Cartoonagrams method makes learning to draw easy and fun for anyone who knows the alphabet.

Each week we will begin in worship starting at 10:00am, then the children will be led into the church school wing for their lesson. The cartooning program will run from approximately 10:30-11:15.

Steve will be using a weekly biblical scripture and turning it into something creative and fun.

All new students will be required to fill out a registration form for the Sunday cartooning program. If you would like more information you may call Helen Sousa, Director of Christian Education at 401-253-8012.

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