25th Annual Groundhog Day

Published on Dec 22nd, 2016 by alison | 0

The groundhog is safely asleep in his underground chamber. It is up to us to awaken him on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

The Groundhog Band has started rehearsals. We will rehearse every Sunday at 11:15 in the Dimond Room until the performance. The full schedule to fellow.

If you do not have your instrument or music, please see me.

If you need to borrow an instrument, accommodations can be made with help from Mt Hope High and KMS music departments.

All instrumentalists are invited, no matter your experience. If you know someone who plays or played an instrument, give them a shove toward the rehearsal.

When we meet, we will rehearse in the church, play for the gathering music, play the hymns during the service.

Remember: “Every note you give us is one more note that we have, that we would not have without you.”

Bennett Burnham

253-8530     HBur700343@aol.com

Groundhog Day_2017

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