Preserve Our Heritage Campaign

Our church has completed Phase II of our Preserve Our Heritage, Prepare for the Future Capital Campaign.

The project began in July of 2011, after over six years of observations, planning, surveys and budgets. Heritage Restoration, Inc is managing the project, teaming up with local craftspeople and regional specialists to enable a cost effective and most comprehensive project in the building’s history. Heritage is working closely with the church’s Project Liason, Pastor, as well as their broad community of parishoners.

Phase One of the project is focused “critical needs”. They are:

  • Basement Excavation & Structural Repairs
  • Slate Roof Restoration
  • Bell Restoration & Tower Roof
  • New Sanctuary Heating System
  • Guioteras House Efficiency Upgrades
  • New EPDM Sanctuary Roof

Phase One was extended through February 2012 to include several additional framing needs in the basement.

Click here to see our January 2012 Phase 1 Scope Report.

Phase Two has recently been completed, including:

  • New Lighting Design
  • Sound Analysis & Dampening
  • Audio & Visual Upgrades
  • Exterior Water Management Systems/ Drywells

Click here for our Phase II News updates