Sunday Services

A Relevant and Welcoming Service 10am Sunday

The First Congregational Church in Bristol was founded, along with our beautiful town, in 1680. Since that time, it has thrived and has maintained a loving, involved presence in our community.  Our congregation began what is now known as the Bristol 4th of July Parade and Patriotic Exercises!

We worship on Sunday mornings at 10AM in our sanctuary at the corner of High and Bradford High Street. (Summer worship service hours may change, please check with us!) The service always seeks to combine ancient liturgy with a modern and cutting edge message. You just never know what will happen!  We use a multi-generational worship leadership model,  and include songs from a variety of hymnals, a message (sermon), Holy communion is served every Sunday, either during the service proper or afterwards. The service is known for being relevant, joyful and welcoming to all people. The music is uplifting and the message always communicates God’s love for us. During the service a children’s message is also shared, after which the children go to their classrooms.  Click here to find out what to expect when you visit us.

Our Christian Education program is growing by leaps and bounds, just like our congregation. Come join us and bring your friends!

After a week like yours, you need a church like ours!

Televised Services

If you are unable to attend our service in person or just can’t make it during a particular week, you can now watch us on the public cable channels. You can find a recording of our service every Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at 10am on public access (channels 17 & 18) or Sunday at 2pm and 6pm on Full Channel (channel 13). All viewings are from the previous week’s service.