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First Congregational Church in Bristol


As Deacons, we number up to 12 individuals, the number of disciples Jesus chose to spread his word, and to model how to live a Christian life. And that is what we do as the spiritual lay leaders of the FCC church and community. Here is a description of what it is we do on a regular basis, and some events we initiate over the course of the year.

Deacons are specifically invested in working with our Pastor to provide a spiritual, faith-based experience for our congregants and community. We assist our Pastor with all services, and are involved with setting up and serving communion every month. Deacons are involved with weddings, funerals, memorial services, baptisms, confirmation, and receiving of new members. We connect with those unable to attend church services, and regularly deliver Christmas poinsettias, and Easter lilies. There are always 2 Deacons to greet you when you come to attend Sunday service.

Our church is not the building we gather in; rather the people inside the building are the church. Annually, we celebrate The Church Has Left the Building. Instead of gathering for service, everyone heads out into the town and to specific sites, to help to pick up, clean up, harvest, organize, cut and stack, and perform whatever tasks are requested. We want to increase our presence in the community to help out, and to make a improvements where needed.

Deacons are in charge of our Discretionary Fund. We are available to help out with one time emergency funds to support people both in our congregation, and in the community. This helps individuals to cover utility, food, medical and rent fees they are unable to pay. This fund is also used to support local non profits, such as the East Bay Food Pantry. This year the Fund was able to help support a Syrian refugee family in their efforts to pay for insurance and taxes on their car.

We are also blessed to have a Deacon’s Scholarship Fund. This allows FCC to provide one scholarship to a non-member senior graduate of the Mt. Hope High School, and many college scholarships for members and their relatives. This Fund also provides for an annual Women’s Retreat whereby women from FCC and the community gather for a weekend with a spiritual facilitator to lead us through their workshop agenda. Deacons are able to pay for Summer Internships for students wanting to volunteer their time for further exposure to their field of interest.

The word deacon means “servant”. And the Deacons’ efforts center on serving all those we come in contact with, whether in our Church community or elsewhere. We are invested in deepening relationships, and building community in spirit. And in so doing, we hope to spread Jesus’ word on how to best live Christian lives as he taught, and died for us to know.

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you! Please come join us in our celebration of togetherness and Christian beliefs.


First Congregational Church of Bristol, Rhode Island

281 High Street  ♦  Bristol, RI 02809
(401) 253-7288   ♦   office@fccbristol.org

For pastoral care: Rev. Deborah Tate Breault
(401) 253-3680  ♦  revdtb@fccbristol.org

The First Congregational Church in Bristol is proud to be an open and affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ.

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