Deary me! What to do when COVID makes the annual Harvest Moon Bazaar, with its Bake Sale, Wheel of Cheddar, Plant Sale and dozens of crafters just too unsafe. . . . If you are the folks at FCC, you turn your event into 4 months of safe take-out dinners, pre-ordered and pre-paid through their easy web-site.

The dinners were scrumptious, generous, and fun. It only took a second to pick up the meals we ordered. But it felt great to again see good friends (at least the upper part of their faces!) and exchange the latest news. Screening, masks and social distancing kept everyone safe.

I went to the Cookie Walk, too, back in December. And it was terrific. Gazzilions of cookies of all flavors and all safely packaged in plastic bags to keep everyone safe.

Thank you FCC!

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