Keeping Our Sanctuary at the Center of our Lives

So many of us are joyful to return to the sanctuary, able to worship together in person and catch up with the news from dear friends. But returning to the sanctuary has also put straight in front of our eyes the sad shape of our worship space – the major cracks in the plaster at just about every window that resulted when the old and sagging foundations were jacked back up in 2011, and also the dull and flaking paint on walls and ceiling, and the missing window putty and deteriorating Gothic windows.

The Facilities Committee has advised us that these repairs cannot be put off any longer. So we have launched the 2021 Capital Campaign to raise the funds for these two projects. The target goal being requested from the whole congregation in the form of pledges is $80,000. This represents 20% of the total cost of $385,000 for the two projects, as determined by quotes from experienced contractors.

The FCC Bristol congregation has a long history of devoted commitment to maintaining the campus of our church, most recently by raising $1.2Million in 2010-2014 toward restoring the foundations and many other systems in the church and Guiteras House. In 2019, you again generously supported the restoration of the Narthex at a cost of $20,000. Thank you.

You will soon receive a request and pledge card in the mail for the 2021 Capital Campaign. A donation of any size is welcome and can be paid over 3 years or sooner, as you wish. You can contribute a dollar amount or make a gift of stocks, bonds, or other assets. We are also making available the opportunity to use the restoration of each of the 10 Gothic windows as a way for church families to commemorate or memorialize a loved one: by funding the restoration of one window at a cost of $7,500 (or $2,500 in each of 3 years) you can have a permanent memorial plaque affixed to the sill of the window of your choice.

We already have pledges from the congregation of more than $40,000 and have received a grant award of $10,000 from the Felicia Fund. Other grants are being pursued. $60,000 has been identified by our Treasurer from Endowment Fund earnings for these projects.

We have all been touched in life-affirming ways in our sanctuary. And we each have a stake in ensuring that our sanctuary is repaired and made strong for the future. We ask you to prayerfully consider the value of our church sanctuary in your life and in the life of the Bristol community and to make a pledge toward the 2021 Capital Campaign. We are grateful for all you have contributed to the church over the years and will be grateful for a donation of any size to help meet our current capital needs.

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