Becoming More Deeply Rooted Through Our Stewardship Pledge

We are each like the tree that is rooted by the stream. We yearn for the water and reach out to it. We grow when we take into ourselves the nourishment of God’s love and mercy. We are, each one of us, rooted in this complex ecosystem of faith that is our community at FCC-Bristol. Out of this ecosystem, we take for ourselves, when we are in need. And we give to others, when we have what others need.

Whether through Sunday School or worship, through Fellowship events or the everyday path of neighbor helping neighbor, through the Prayer Shawl Ministry, Ecumenical Meals, the Dolphin Ministry, the Coffeehouse, and more, FCC-Bristol has played a central role in the lives of its member families and the wider community. How then do we respond to the central value that we place on our church? How do we recognize how rooted we all are in the life and love of this church? Through our pledges of time, talent and treasure.

In loving response to all that the church means in your life and in the life of your family, we ask you to prayerfully make a pledge toward the church’s 2022 budget that roots you deeper into the love of God and God’s mission in our world. Please bring your pledge card to church or get it to the Church Office at any time.

Thank you.

Your Stewardship Committee

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