Tongues of Flame, Children’s Sunday & a Church Picnic

On June 5 FCC Bristol celebrated Pentecost, the “birthday” of the Christian church, the anniversary of the day when tongues of flame came down from Heaven and filled Christ’s disciples with the Holy Spirit. This enabled them to speak in all of the many languages of the world at that time to tell the Good News of Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. We recreated the flames and a great babel of languages and then gave thanks on this Children’s Sunday with a joyful end-of-year recognition of the children and teachers of our Sunday School program. The Sunday School at FCC Bristol was started in 1816 as the first religious programming for children in Bristol.

Following Sunday worship, the congregation spilled out onto the courtyard lawn for the All-Church Picnic — along with some Birthday cake, of course! Hosted by the Christian Education Committee, with Paul Temple at the grill and Lindsey Walsh making sure that everything ran smoothly, a great time was had by all.

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