Church Awards Annual Scholarship Grant

On June 8, 2023, Deacon Chair Bob Evans presented Thalyta Pereira with a scholarship award from the Deacons’ Fund. Thalyta is this year’s recipient of the FCC Mt. Hope Scholarship. Heartfelt congratulations!

Thalyta grew up in Brazil and moved to the USA with her family in the hopes of finding a better life and a better education. She has adapted to new cultures and languages, worked hard in school and volunteered with several community groups to show kindness, respect and a willingness to help those in need. While taking Honors courses, she has maintained an A average.

She has a passion to become a physician which started with a family diagnosis which challenged the entire family. She is determined to improve the healthcare system and to find more effective treatments and earlier ways to detect those who suffer from the disease which so affected her family. In addition to finding new treatments, she is focused on issues of equity in care and the many factors that prevent some people from accessing good and compassionate health care.

Thalyta plans on attending college with a major in biology in preparation for medical school and a career as an oncology physician. During college, she plans to participate in mission trips to support vulnerable patients, especially children, and hopes to work with Doctors Without Borders after completing her medical degree. FCC Bristol is honored to be able to help Thalyta fulfill her dream of becoming a physician and helping others.

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