Look at the “Before” and “After” of our Sanctuary Window Repairs

Much progress is being made this week with the Window Preservation Project. On the left, below, is a sash that was removed on July 31, 2023. You can see the deplorable condition of the sash. When the sash is removed in this shape it is very wobbly and unstable. The glass and the glazing is what give the sash stability and rigidity.  It appears that many years ago, during the replacement of some of the glass panes, the fancy decorative wooden moldings were cut out and replaced with solid wood.

The photo on the right shows one of our fully restored windows demonstrating how New Outlook Historic Preservation, the Swansea firm that is preserving our sanctuary windows, has fully repaired the decorative moldings of our original windows. This skillful improvement, along with the beads and jambs, makes for a stunning window.

Can you help us complete the windows project?

Many people have generously donated toward the preservation of the sanctuary windows. But we are still in need of some funding to complete all of the windows on the North and West facades of the sanctuary. A donation in any amount will be gratefully received. Some have chosen to fund the restoration of a sash through the donation of $7,500 toward a Named Memorial Window. Perhaps you and some others would like to consider jointly funding one of the remaining windows. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Caroline Jacobus or Sally Evans.

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