We are Grateful for the Rev. Jack Jones

The family of parishioners at FCC Bristol want to thank the Rev. Jack Jones for his kind service filling in as our pastor during most of the period from the departure of the Rev. Deborah Tate Breault and the arrival of our new pastor, the Rev. Dr. Nancy H. Soukup.

Rev. Jones, at left, came to us in September at a time of transition for our congregation. He graciously agreed to stay with us throughout the weeks of September and October, until our new pastor, Rev. Soukup, arrived. A pastor with a special ministry for the homeless, Rev. Jones brought a gentleness and sensitivity to our families and especially the children. Each Sunday, he would come down from the pulpit and speak from the floor of the sanctuary to deliver his sermon. Speaking from the heart, without notes, he would draw in his listeners with stories from his past, insights from his long pastoral experience, messages of love and hope.

Rev. Jones is embarking on a new, settled pastorate in Worcester, MA. We thank him and wish him the best.

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