Bringing the Light to Christmas Eve

This year, the Christmas Eve worship service filled hearts with the light of the coming celebration of the birth of the Messiah. The congregation shared in the singing of the old Christmas carols.

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Soukup told the children the story of the shepherd Hannah, with her trusted sheepdog Gideon, who saw the stars in the sky that led Hannah and the other shepherds to the manger where the new Messiah had been born. Meanwhile, back in the fields, Gideon, the rest of the sheep, and Shadow the Wolf, had their own Christmas enlightenment, learning to listen to each other and better understand what each cherished. 

After sharing Communion, Cara Massey sang a solo “O Holy Night” in the darkened sanctuary as the Deacons lighted each parishioner’s candle, bringing the light of Christmas into the world. After the congregation sang “Silent Night,” Rev. Soukup blessed all with wise words, urging those present to go out and carry on the work of Christmas — which was to spread the beauty of Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.

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