Game Night is a Winner

Start with vats of Mac n’ Cheese, add some Potluck salads and desserts, and stir in a cartload of Games and you have the ingredients for a night of fun! On Friday, March 8, more than 30 parishioners of all ages gathered in the DeWolf Room for a super supper followed by playing board games of choice.

First, many thanks to the Johnson family who brought their culinary expertise to bear on the Mac n’ Cheese front and all the attendees who brought delicious salads and desserts. Thanks again to Chris Johnson who brought a selection of his hundreds of board games for us to choose from.

My table tackled a new one for us, “Saving Dr. Lucky.” This is a companion game to “Killing Dr. Lucky” which I enjoyed at the last Game Night. It’s a great game, though a bit of a struggle the first time around. But lots of fun — and that is the point.

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