More New Members!

We are so happy! The Bailey family, who have been attending FCC Bristol for over a year, finally learned that they will be able to stay in the Bristol area. That was what they needed to know. This past Sunday, Shawn and Carolina and their daughters Bronwyn and Tekla officially joined the church. Their eldest daughter Sophia is in New York pursuing a law degree.

The Baileys became official members of the church during morning worship. Rev. Soukup asked all Deacons, both currently and past serving, to come up to the chancel to join the Bailey family in carrying out the Welcoming ceremony. It made quite an impressive group. The Minister, the Bailey family, all of the Deacons and the congregation joined in declaring their promises to one another, using the words of the 1629 Salem Church Covenant:

We covenant with the Lord and with one another and do bind ourselves in the presence of God, to walk together in all the ways that are revealed to us by God, as the Word is made known to us. Amen.

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