Senior Luncheon — Sharing Lives & Stories

It feels great to gather with friends and break bread! Almost 50 senior members came together on Wednesday, June 19, to share their latest news and enjoy a delicious meal at the annual Senior Luncheon prepared by CP Catering. We were especially happy to see some faces which have been missing for a bit, whether due to travels, health, conflicts or whatever. It was just great to hear what everyone had been up to.

We were so happy to see Pat Cory, Michael Oglo and Meriel Smith and hear what they have been up to. The Rev. Dr. Nancy Hamlin Soukup opened the event with prayer. Hosted by the Deacons, supported by church secretary Barbara Watts, the luncheon was enjoyed by everyone.

A special thanks to Doug Harrington, who chaired the event and devoted himself to making sure that everything was running smoothly so that everyone had a wonderful day. He even donated one of the two mobile air conditioners that cooled the chapel right down (Thanks, Jen, for contributing the twin AC). They were a blessing on this hot, sunny day. Looking forward to next year when we hope to see even more friends!

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