Children Present Stewardship Skit on Nov 14

What a wonderful gift was given by the children of the Sunday School during last Sunday’s Stewardship worship service. Based upon an original production written by Susan Brosnihan using this year’s UCC Stewardship theme “Rooted in Love,” all of the children presented the dramatized story of “Seed and the Stewards of the Garden.”

Incorporating the foundational setting of the Garden of Eden, sad little Seed asks for God’s help to grow. The Stewards of the Garden — Earth, Rain and Sun — are called out to answer Seed’s prayer. But the results are mixed. One of the Earth stewards seems just too busy to help out little Seed. Fortunately another of the Earth stewards is happy to give Seed all the earth needed to give Seed a healthy blanket of soil to grow in.

Now what was needed was some water. But when one of the Rain stewards came by, she had a different use for all her water. She didn’t have much water to spare, so she only gave Seed a splattering of water. Not looking too good for little Seed. Fortunately another Rain steward came by and happily gave Seed all of the pure rainwater that Seed needed. Even when all of Rain’s water was used up, Rain wasn’t worried: “There’s more where that came from. God always finds a way!”

Finally it was time for the Sun to rise, bringing the light and warmth that Seed needed to grow to the fullest potential, a beautiful tree providing shade, shelter and food for all. Firmly rooted in LOVE.

Many thanks to all of the Sunday School children for all of the hard work you put in to bring us this powerful message. And many thanks to Susan Brosnihan and the Sunday School teachers who supported the children in their loving mission.

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