How Shall We Respond to God’s Infinite Love?

Our annual stewardship drive for First Congregational Church of Bristol calls on each of us to consider how we can personally dedicate our resources to support the various ministries of FCC and live out the love and justice of Jesus.

This year’s Stewardship campaign theme is “From Bread and Cup to Faith and Giving.” It challenges us to make the connection between our experience of God and our generosity as disciples. During this 2022 Stewardship Campaign, we are called to remember the power of our God to fill our inner emptiness – to feed our needy spirit. And, beyond that, we are asked to consider what our response to this act of infinite caring should be.

Are we encouraged to meet God’s extraordinary gifts – of His Son, of radical and all-inclusive Love, of eternal Life – with a gratefulness that opens us up to caring for all the world? That triggers a generosity that seeks to meet the needs of the vulnerable around us? If we are enmeshed in an infinite web of reciprocity – of the giving and receiving of Love, what is the right, the commensurate response?

We deeply appreciate the commitment of each of our members through these recent difficult times. Your committed donations throughout the year have enabled us to help members and the greater community through hard times and bring God’s love into their lives.

FCC needs you, your support to our church financially, as well as your contributions of time and talent, as our community continues to spread the love and justice of Jesus through our ministries. We ask you to bring your pledge card to church on Stewardship Sunday, November 13, 2022 or get it to the Church Office at any time. Thank you.

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